Wine Glasses (for Teresa & Julien)

I borrowed these from our landlord because we don’t own any stemmed glasses. They were painted as a wedding gift for our friends, Teresa and Julien. The wine sat in the glass for so many days it went bad.


As a note, I’m altering my painting signature to be clearer. This will be the last piece with my normal document illegible “Troy Edwards” signature. Whatever previous paintings I can alter, I will.


Tobacco pipe


Abstract tritych: “454”

My first real attempt at creating an abstract painting. After this, I have a much greater appreciation for non-representational artists.

The three pieces had the constraints of a pseudo-horizon and a geometric structure. All there were painted many times over with many forms and ideas. Ultimately, the lower halves were inspired by earth strata and Jasper Johns, while the upper halves by Mark Rothko and the folds in a cloth napkin.triptych454

Reading glasses

I tried to finish a small painting in one session. But I had to revisit this one for some touch ups.20170422_092144

Montaña de Oro

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new painting, even though I’ve finished a couple. My goal for 2017 is to finish more paintings than I have my entire life thus far. Since that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 or 30, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

This sea/land-scape is a birthday gift for my wife. The scene is Montaña de Oro, a few hours north of Santa Barbara.

I recently got a  new miter saw, so I’m experimenting with framing. Constructing the frame for this painting was absolutely the hardest part. I should’ve given myself more time, but I rushed it at the 11th hour. Once all the glue and paint dries, I’ll do some touch-ups.



Tea Time 19

More refinement with the metal pitcher on the right. Did some work on the ceramic teapot next to it. Also, fleshed out the tablecloth under that wooden charger, including shadows.


Tea Time 18

Further refining of the metal pitcher on the right side. Finished the handle, moved to the hinge, the lid, and the sides some. Still not done yet, though. Also tried some more with the red napkin.